From building technician to property investment group

The seed of the group was planted in 1964, when the building technology company Dietz Elektroanlagen GmbH & Co KG was founded. This company with its rich tradition can proudly look back on almost 50 years of business success. Today we are still working exclusively with top German companies, such as the Daimler AG.


After the first residential real estate projects in 1968 and many years of work in this sector, the arrival of Dr. Wolfgang Dietz at the company in 1992 (combined with the historic events in Germany after 1990) paved the way for a dynamic yet controlled expansion in the sectors of craftmanship, services, and real estate.

In the years leading up to the millennium, a large number of prominent, mainly landmarked residential houses were restored and managed, while at the same time numerous new buildings were also built.

The experience gathered in this time eventually resulted in the realization of the first large commercial projects after the year 2000.

Today the group focuses on business activities in commercial construction and real estate management.

We cooperate with a select group of very capable partners in all areas of our business. The most important criteria are quality standards, controls, and assurance.

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